Monday, April 15, 2013

Rusty Nail

Goodmorning out there in blog land!

I am supose to be at the Farmers Market today as it is the first day of the season, but our weather has been so cold and strange and they did say morning showers!  But of course becouse I didn't go thier are no showers lol!

So I have been busy trying to keep up with everyones requests and my own creations.
Everything seems to take so much time.

I have my big show coming up first weekend in June again and am trying to come up with some new pottery and jewelry designs
So I finished this sweetie last night and I love it sooo much I just wanted to share it with anyone who may be iterested.
Would love you feedback maybe I am the only one that is in love with it:)
Well here it goes!

It doesn't show all the beads but I just love it!
It has an amazing focal by
Bone beads
Ethiopian beads
and of course my own ceramic art beads and loves focal.

Hope you all have a great Day!
                                                               Love and Peace♥

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  1. Ingrid, I really like your rusty nail necklace. I took a look at her etsy store and she has some fabulous stuff in there. Hop on over to my blog, I'd love to have your comments on my Bead Soup Reveal. Jean

    1. Great Job on the bead soup you always amaze me! You are a multi talented artist:)
      I will have to send you a pic of a necklace I made last September with a simular idea as the one with the orange beads in your bead soup.