Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Week!

Good morning everyone!
It is a sunny but very cold Monday here in Vernon.  I have been busy starting to do Farmers Markets and getting ready for upcoming shows, so sorry for not blogging also been dealing with a kidney stone! ( which is soooo painful )  Going this afternoon for an ultrasound I have been going through this for a month already.  So this morning I figured out that I can't drink any coffee:( as it brings on the pain so so far this morning it hasn't been to bad:)
So moving on here are a couple of pics of what will be coming to an etsy shop near you:)

I made some of these after Christmas and really love working with them!

Here is a peak of others goodies!
they are in the kiln being bisque fired!

Here is a pic of one of my mugs I will be selling a Creative Chaos!

Have to go and get my Ultrasound done now
Have a great day out there!
Love and Peace♥


  1. Oh my! Save me some of those wonderful rolled beads, some of those flower beads, and large flower connector. If you have a horse pendant I would love a Maui blue. My cat broke a green and blue one on my table:( Can't wait to see those lovely ladies finished too. Hope you feel better soon:)

    1. Yes Liz,Yes I will save some beads for you and a flower connector. What colors are you wanting e-mail me on etsy.

  2. Hey, I've got a kidney stone too - 6mm. I think I've got some smaller ones in the other kidney too. I get them every few years, so I know how you feel!

    Love those rolled beads!

  3. Hi Ingrid! I hope my message finds you doing well and hoping you've remedied those kidney stones! ugh!! Love your works, especially the mug pictured. Thanks for stopping by the other day and just wanted to wish you an awesome weekend ahead!