Friday, March 15, 2013


I know it has been a while, but there is just so much that has been going on!

Timber has been to the vet so many times and there was just so much stress I could barely list items on etsy so to blog was impossible.

Sorry Jean for not responding sooner!

So since my last blog Timber had the siezure and then she was panting and uncomfortable so we did xrays and they couldn't find anything but in this one spot it was cloudy, so they said to continue with the medication and watch her even though she was throwing up after eating.

Then we did a barium and that showed something in her stomach!  So the vet rolled her back and forth lightly to try and move the obstrucktion and in one of the following xrays it finally moved.

So the next challange was it coming out which it finally did and she was great!  This was all becouse of a dog toy that she ripped the stuffing out of.

But she does have this thing called GIRB gastronal irratable bowel syndrome which also showed up in the tests so this expains why she is always panting heavy after a meal.

So the challange is finding the right diet.

So Sunday everyone looked fine and then my little Minnie started acting wierd and by Tuesday morning off to the vet for minor surgery as she had something with her anil gland out of the blue. 

Wednseday morning all of a sudden Timber is acting wierd and Minnie is acting wierd so it seems to be this crazy cycle going on with the animals.

But the real kicker is that Ken had this dream the morning of the very first vet visit with Timber over 3 weeks ago and he was speaking to a male figure in his dream and it said there were going to be problems with the animals.  Isn't that wierd!

So moving on I am going to share a pic of a piece from
Red Diva Designs on Etsy

I love how this piece turned out!
 The key is also a nice touch
Here is a link to her shop if you would like to checkout more of her work
Have a great weekend!
Love and Peace♥



  1. Nice to hear from you Ingrid but sorry you are having pet problems. it is hard to watch them go through distressing situations. My dogs tear the stuffing out of toys and I'm always worried they are ingesting it. Hope it all gets better soon!

  2. My dogs chew on things all the time and my vets are always warning me of them swallowing things and needing surgery, but it has been my experience that Rottweilers do pretty well in passing anything that is not larger than their own heads. Every time I hear of a story like this it makes me pause and think about my own. Justice is having gaiting issues again only this time its in her rear so my heart goes out to you and the worry they cause us.

    That is weird about your husband having those dreams. It may be challenging to find the right diet for Timber, but that sounds like the easy part. The other part could have been fatal for her. If you need help finding a diet, let me know. I'm a bit of an expert in that area. LOL As for Minnie, the little ones are far more susceptible to problems like that. I'd keep a close eye on her.

    Love the bracelet - your connector is fabulous and love what she did with it.

  3. Thanks Jean, and Katherine ,I would love to get some diet tips as she is sooo sensative. Also now with Minnie it might also be her diet.
    You know so far between Spirit Timber and Minnie my vet bills are over $2000.00 so I am really going to watch the toys etc. But as soon as you turn your back they are up to no good at times. I also love that they go to there toy basket and play but I need to be careful. Also one more thing Minnie needs dental work oh boy! That is another biggy!
    Are you giving Justice glucosamine (spelling?)
    I am sure you are but they say it helps for the joints.