Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello Again!

Well good morning to you all!  It is a nice Tuesday morning no new drama to report which is very good.

But  I still need to take Minnie to the vet for a followup and see how things are healing with her and ask a few more questions regarding Timber also, but that will be in a few days.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that all is well:)

But in the meantime I have been meaning to share some pictures of an artist that has purchased a few items from me so here we go!

Her name is Cat and here is a link to her shop she sells on Art Fire


Enjoy the pictures! (let's hope they load properly :))

These are all amazing pieces! Not sure if they are all still available but she does have lots of other goodies to choose from so have fun checking out her work.

Have a great week everyone!
                                                                     Love and Peace♥


  1. Thank you for showing my work off, Ingrid! You're so sweet...I love working with your pieces, as they are so earthy and organic. The last necklace is my personal favorite, and the one I kept! It's hard not to keep all of the pieces I make with your things!

    Chatty Cat's

  2. Oh, great use of your components and I love the gently poetic names!