Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goodmorning everyone!  Thier has been a lot going on in the last 1 to 2 weeks.

I was planning on blogging sooner but Timber my Belgium Teruvian (not sure about the spelling ) has been not well and a few days ago had a sesure and of course she is acting very strange and not eating etc so I need to call the vet today again. 
We also had a emergency vet call for Spirit our cat last Wednesday night that was scary also as we herd Spirit cry like a baby downstairs in the basement and I thought he broke something but he is overwieght and has joint issues . 
Anyways we went to the vets 3 times and like I said I will need to call again today as Timber is not herself.
here is a pic of Timber

And this is sweet Spirit

so I am hoping things will get better as it is hard to concentrate on anything when your babies are not feeling good.

I also had a question for anyone out there that is reading this and buys ceramic pendants.

I was wondering does it matter to you the customer if a pendant is glazed on the back of the pendant?

Years ago none of my pendants were glazed on the reverse side as I didn't know how to high fire them with glaze on the back.  I just was wondering if someone could give me feedback on this.

I am also going to share a bracelet that Julie from Juliethelen on etsy  made with one of my focals

Love the way this piece turned out!  If you want to checkout more of Julies creations here is the link

Have a great weekend everyone!
                                                             Love and Peace♥


  1. Wow, Julie did a great job pairing beads with your focal, Ingrid! Sure hope your sweet babies are on the mend... you are so right: when our fur babies aren't feeling well, that's all we can think about.

  2. I know how you love your babies and I am especially concerned about Timber. Please let us know how she is doing.

    I prefer that pendants are glazed on the back unless they are made of a speckled stoneware or some other unique kind of clay. LIke plain white clay I would prefer glazed. And, I prefer that they are signed by the artist.

  3. Sorry about your pets. It gets expensive too.

    I prefer pendants glazed on the back too.

  4. Sorry to hear about your pets. I do hope they get better soon. Please keep glazing the backs of the pottery pieces. It does make a big difference in my opinion and I agree with jean sign them too!

  5. Thanks for the feedback. I like them better glazed on the back also.
    I use to sign everything but then when I started glazing the backs the glaze would hide it so I stoped but in the future I will resign my pieces. Going back to the vet today with Timber as something is really bothering her we might have to do xrays today. Her blood work came back good but she is not eating and being normal and looks depressed. I am worried she swollowed something and is unable to digest it. Lets see what happens today:)

  6. Well today I received some meds for Timber and they are not working she is in pain and vomitting, so tomorrow morning going in for xrays. I am getting really worried as nothing is working yet :(