Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day♥

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Hope you are all  planning to spend some special time with your loved ones today!

I think I am going to be making some salmon Neptune with stuffed mushroom caps and a salad.

Sounds yummy right? (except for anyone who is not a fan of seafood)  Me I love seafood and am not a real meat eater.

Last night Ken my other half made these really yummy truffle balls with melted white chocolate over them oh my they are dangerous!  They were suppose to be for dessert but they are quite rich so I am thinking more the traditional strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Moving on I did empty my kiln on the weekend and yes there are lots of yummy items in this firing.
I can only show you a small portion of what came out as some items are special orders for customers and others I am not ready to show as I want them to be a surprise when they are listed, so you will just have to keep checking to see whats new:)

So here are a couple of pics!

I know I like the pics better when they are in a pile but when I take them out of the kiln I spends days just looking through them and trying to decide what I can let go!

Have a great Valentines Day!
Love and Peace♥

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