Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Friday!

Good morning everyone I hope everyone is having a fabulous winter so far!

We have been quite fortunate so far, January has just whipped bye and it is already February yeah!

So I have done a glaze firing since I last blogged but forgot to take some pics.

But the next glaze firing I will make sure I take a couple of pictures.

Did I mention that will be in a couple of days!

I have been working hard glazing  to try and get some new and interesting items in the shop.
So be patient as they are coming real soon :)

Meanwhile I went snowshoeing last Sunday for the first time and it was fabulous the weather was sunny up at the hill and it was warm for this time of year.
Afterwards we went up to Silver Star Mountain which is our local ski hill
We are having 2 weeks of winter carnival at the moment and there are all sorts of events and competitions going on.
One of the competitions is snow sculptor carving so I wanted to share a picture of a couple of them with you today:)

This one won first place it is amazing!

I think this one was 2nd place!

This one was 3rd place!

They did have more sculptors but I used my cell phone and I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out,
but they look quite amazing!

Here is a picture of me with the one I voted for :)

So have a great Weekend everyone!
                                                               Love and Peace♥

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  1. Those sculptures are amazing. Our winter has been very mild and we are expecting an early spring. It never really got cold for any length of time here.