Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home sweet home♥

Hello to anyone out there!
I finally am back home and it is just crazy as all the Christmas shows are starting up.  I had my first one on Sunday and I have another one tomorrow.  So  I am just squeezing in some time to blog as I am leaving in about 15min. to setup tonight for tomorrows show.
I was planning on blogging while I was in Maui but I just couldn't bring myself to do it as I was in total relax mode!
I did make some beads and they are in the kiln at the moment and then I will begin to glaze starting Friday.
I wanted to share a few pics with you all!

These were my first beads I made while enjoying the ocean view on the beach. Oh how I miss it!

This is a picture of the small pool from our balcony. ( We were on the 8th floor)
Oh I forgot to mention we had a Tsunami warning while we were their also.  Half the guests were leaving to higher ground and others were staying as we were right on the ocean.  But they said everyone above the 4th floor was okay, and as we all know nothing happend.  What a relief!

More views from the balcony

More views from the the balcony.

In the morning we would go for a 5 mile walk along the beach and on the way back we stopped at another resort and snuck into the pool to cool off.
That is my son Dakota in the pic with me.

Okay I do have more pics but I will show them the next time I blog so I am not going on to long!

I was unable to finish this last night and I have 5 min. before heading out to finish setting up.

I wanted to share a picture of a necklace I made using one of my little vessle beads or urn beads.

I wire wrapped the neck of the little bottle and tada!
I really like it I made a few of these beads when I was in Maui and they are all completely different.
Can't wait to make a different one.

This little dude I had listed in my shop and I decided I was going to make a bracelet  with him.  It looks really simple but it is awesome when it is on your wrist!

 Okay I have to get dressed and go!

Have a great day!

                                                                 Love and Peace♥


  1. Welcome back, Ingrid!
    Do I see any "sandy" beads in that top photo?
    Isn't it expensive to bring clay on the plane - I thought there was a weight limit?

  2. She doesn't pack any clothes! Welcome home Ingrid. Glad to see you are back at work. I'm tired of looking at your empty little store. Fill it up!!!!!

  3. Hi Jean and Erika,
    regarding the clay I don't take very much with me and I pack it in my suitcase as I think they might take it away in my carry on.
    I am not sure how many pounds it is I just take a lock in lock container with clay and on the way home the beads that are made go in the lock in lock container and in the suitcase.
    Yes Jean I am working my little fingers to the bone and will start filling up my shop :) I am working on a glaze firing this week:)
    Any special requests?