Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New goodies coming !

Well I spent all Sunday glazing beads which was sooo much fun! ( not really)  But once I got going it wasn't so bad.

So yesterday I was in the shop loading my bead racks full of babies and as thier is no heat out there my fingers were freezing.  But after about an hour I was finally done

Oh then after I turned the kiln on I came out to turn up the heat and noticed that the kiln  shut off  and had a bit of a panic and then noticed the kiln sitter wasn't reset.  That was a relief as my first thought was oh no an element broke, that would mean I would have to empty everything and order an element and so on!

So sometime today I will venture out and see if I am able to empty the kiln yaeh!
That is every potters favorite part:)

So I am going to share a picture of a really cute bracelet that Mishell made with a cuff she purchased.

The only thing is that this piece already sold.  But she has many other fabulous pieces for sale and if you would like to checkout her etsy shop or contact her here is a link  http://www.etsy.com/shop/RedDivaDesign

So  that is all for now!
                                                          Love and Peace♥

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