Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 More Days!

Goodmorning everyone!
I will be shipping any items out today and tomorrow still, but after that any purchases made will have to wait until I return home from our vacation.
Anyways the reason I am blogging today is becouse I made this really cute bat bracelet (in my opinion that is)  and for some reason I just love it so I wanted to share it with anyone who might be interested.

The pictures are not the best but here it is!

All the chain is handmade by me also!  Isn't he just the sweetest♥  ( I know I sound a bit strange over a bracelet but I just love this little guy)
I think he might have to come to Maui with me:)

That's all for now!
                                                                      Love and Peace♥


  1. Ingrid, my good friend, not only do you sound a bit strange over the bracelet, but you are surely just a bit strange. It is a really, really cool bracelet and I am glad to join you in your strangeness. Going back to Hawaii? You know, every time you go to Hawaii, I hate you just a little bit more - or maybe it is just jealousy.

    Have fun my friend and bring back some Hawaiian sand to make your stonies with.

    1. Yes you are absolutly right I am a bit strange but strange is good right? At least you didn't call me any names this time lol! It would be great if one year we could meet there:) I will be making my beads on the beach again but Jean I told you I can only make my stonies at the farmers market that is where I get my special ingredients.
      Wish you could come♥

  2. Oh, that's right. Well, maybe you could make some "sandies".

  3. I love this piece!!! It's so unique and perfect for the upcoming holiday. You might be strange, but it would not be because you like this piece so much......

    Enjoy Hawaii!!!

  4. Great job on that chain, Ingrid! And what Jean said - I think you should make some "sandy" beads too!

  5. Okay I will add sandy beads to the list:)

  6. I just found you, in fact it was on etsy and i just put in an order- of course, now I'd also love a bead or focal (?) like this amazing one you used on your way cool bracelet! So, reading you are going or on your way to Hawaii, I know it will be a while, no problem. If you are in the honolulu area, there is a great messy little antique shop called Antique Alley that nearly always has something wonderful to bring home. The owner has lived a life that you only read about in books and is very friendly, his partner/wife is a little deaf, so don't think she isn't friendly, too, she just can't hear you -also, don't let the prices scare you, he'll deal on nearly everything and if he know you are an artist, the price usual comes down more! Have fun ~

  7. Ingrid!!!! You know how much I love this bracelet!!!! Glad I finally joined your blog.... :-)

    Red D