Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Okay I am sure I am not the only one who takes days or even weeks to create a necklace.

I guess is must come with time or how well your creative juices are flowing:) (Mine seem to be very sloooow!)
But I must say I have had the odd time where I have actually made 2 pieces in one day.
Totally Amazing when that happens.
So Speaking of pieces taking a long time!
I had this clay booklet I made about 2 years ago and since it was my first and only one I wasn't thrilled with it as the lettering didn't show up on the cover and just the shape and thinkness.
I tried to add paper and make a little booklet and it just never worked so I had it sitting on the window sil for 2 years. 
Anyways last week I atempted to try again and it actually turned out not to bad after a couple of days playing with it aging the paper and trying to get the lettering to show up.
I ended up making a necklace with it and it turned out quite cute but the picture I took is not the best as I thought I would be able to take another one but guess what?  It sold so I only have these 2 picks to share with you all.
But this has insprired me to make more clay booklets to sell on etsy.

To bad I didn't get a clear pic of the cover as it was quite sweet!

Okay next I have a totally different piece to share as I forged and created all the links in this piece.
It only took me about 2 weeks of having the key sit on my bench with another druzy I was planning on using and then realized they were not ment to be together.
So here is my next creation
it is not quite finished as I am still trying to polish it up but I am not having much success.
Well have a great day in blog land!
Oh and don't forget to feed my new pet on the bottom of the page:)
                                                                      Love and Peace♥