Friday, September 21, 2012

Glass Beads

About 4 years ago I took a lampwork bead course.  I really enjoyed it but was to scared to do it in the basement of the house becouse of the propane tank, so I never kept it up after the 2 day course.   I did how ever buy a basic starter kit thinking that I will be doing it.
So 4 years go by and I run into a friend that has been doing it and says to come by and she will give me a refresher on how to make them.
Well after spending 4 hours with her and making lots of boboo's I made these 4 beads.

They are really bad but at least it got me thinking of a way of trying to practice at making them again.
So the weather has been extremly nice and I decided to practice outside under one of our costco tents where we park our car.

And this is my next set.

Still needs a lot of improvment but way better than day 1 and this was I think only took me 2 hours to make these little guys:)

3rd set
I am just using glass I purchased with my starter kit so I really don't know what everything will turnout like when I am making the beads so it is all a surprise.  I think this took me over 2 hrs to make.

I like the way that these guys turned out.
Okay last set
These guys are really tiny,but I think they are cute♥

Anyways just wanted to share these with you as I was so excited that I actually made some glass beads after 4 years lol!
I just need to find a way to make them over the winter so I can keep improving

Have a great weekend everyone!
                                                              Love and Peace♥



  1. Congrats on facing your fear, Ingrid! It is a powerful feeling... I truly hope you can find a way to vent a workspace so you can continue to create these cool beads!

  2. You have talent there girl! Keep it up!

  3. Great job, love those little ones. You'll figure it out. You are really moving as an artist and it just tickles me to see that. First the pottery, then the jewelry (that you were never going to make), then wire, now glass. Way to go!

  4. Augh! These are wonderful! I hope you make enough to start selling . . . ;)

  5. Thank you everyone for the nice comments♥