Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It is amazing how fast the summer is going by.  The weather here is still beautiful but it is definetly cooler in the morning and there is a slight chill in the breeze.  This makes me a bit sad as I know it won't be long until the warm weather is gone:(

I know fall is a beautiful month but I am just not ready for it to arrive even though offically it doesn't arrive until Sept. 21, but in this neck of the woods it seems to feel like it arrives earlier.

So I know  back in July I was going to post some pics of our garlic crop but of course I just finally got around to taking some pictures on the weekend and of course it is not quite the same as when they were fresh out of the ground  and the barn was loaded full!
But here are some pictures anyways:)

These all have been cured and then they are hand cleaned one at a time and taken to market.

So moving on to something more interesting I have this beautiful necklace that Erika made and I have been wanting to share it with you all for quite some time.

So here it is!
What a gorgeous piece! This is a real beauty! Love the colors and the combination of the different textures.  Beautiful work Erika!

 And what an awesome display with the bowl I just love the colors.

Here is a link to where you can find the pottery made by this Artist.

That is all today

                                                                 Love and Peace♥


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  1. Thanks, Ingrid!
    The artist who made the bowl from splitfirepottery, Bill Perrine, is married to MaryAnn Carroll, who has an etsy store selling her hand made ceramic beads. So they keep it all in the family :)