Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Goodmorning everyone!

Well I have good news the kiln firing turned out okay!  That was really lucky I wasn't sure what happend but what a relief of not having to refire the items especially all the mugs and other goodies.

I wanted to take some pics of the new beads and forgot and sorted them all  already so next firing I will definetly take some pics to show  you what has come out of the kiln.

We finally finished digging out all the garlic Yaeh!  I tell you my hands and back and everything else were just aching!

Today I am taking my dad to the specialist to check on his knee replacement which is still not improved and it has been over 4 months, it has been a really hard time seeing someone who is a really healthy man and since the surgery not being able to do as much as before and being in pain.  It just breaks my heart but I keep hoping it will improve.

So here are a couple of pics of what I have been working on.

This Cute Turtle connector set was listed in my shop and the colors were so amazing and with the steel wire it really works.  Actually the color is a lot nicer than the picture but sometimes orange is hard for me to photograph, but this is a really nice deep orange color.  These are my first S links that I forged

Okay I did the picture below like this so you could get a better look at the links.

So last night I was working on my U links and I will show you some pics of them in my next post with links to everything :) (I promise)

So have a great day everyone!

                                                                   Love and Peace♥


  1. Sorry for your poor Dad.

    Your links look great! Very pretty. Do you find steel wire harder to work with than copper or brass?

    1. I find the steel wire very flexable and forgiving to work with. I have only done wire wrapping with copper and brass wire and this is the first time I have ever forged S links. It is a lot of work but I find it very satisfying and I love the look of it also.

  2. Ingrid! Great job on the wire working. It looks great. I enjoy working with steel wire too, but it will rust so be sure to coat it with Renaissance wax. Okay, I will go back to minding my own business now.

  3. Hey Jean I love to hear about any advice you may have. I did know this one already but I am happy to receive any tips you can share:)