Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stringing Magazine!

Well last night I was checking my e-mails and received a message from Jean you know the famous Jean A Wells well if you do not already know who she is here is a link to her blog http://jeanawells.blogspot.ca/ and if you would like to check out her etsy shop here is a link to that  http://www.etsy.com/shop/jeanawells

Anyways she sent me a message telling me she has been published in the fall stringing magazine.
How exciting!

This issue she had 3 amazing pieces that were published (way to go girl!)

Anyways in one of the pieces she used was one of my toggle components so I am sharing a picture of that piece with everyone here.

But she also has this amazing leather cuff bracelet with a component from Karen Knotten in it and this really SWEET! Elephant necklace that has the focal made by Natalie Pappas of NKPBeads
So go check out there etsy shops and have fun!

( I didn't do the links for Karen or Natalie but just type in there names in Etsy and they will popup right away:) (sometimes copying and pasting I screw up so I am trying to keep it simple for me :) )

So here is a pic of the magazine

This is the necklace she made using one of my toggle components.

Thanks Jean for using artisan beads and components in your beautiful creations!

                                                                             Love and Peace♥


  1. Ingrid, I was so thrilled that this piece was accepted. As you know you were one of the first artists of porcelain components when I started using more handmade in my jewelry. I am just tickled that this was accepted as it has long been my opinion that your work is grossly under-appreciated and under-valued. I have also enjoyed the friendship that has grown between us. Congratulations! I know this is just the first of many.


  2. Good work to you both Jean and Ingrid. Love both of your creations. It was on Jean's site that I found your work Ingrid and then began buying from you. I like the easy earth respecting way in which you make your beads.

  3. Kudo's to both you and Jean Ingrid. Her creations are awesome as are your beadworks and congrats to both for the mag feature! All The Best!