Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodmorning!  Another Friday rolling in and it is oficially summer now.  What can I say but Yaeh!

Well it has been an interesting morning so far as the alarm clock did not wake us up and so everyone is late for work and everything else that normally goes on in the morning.

I tried to make Ken his Americano with our espresso machine ( that I never use ) and as soon as the coffee was done I tried to take it out with the coffee thingy that holds the coffee with the ready made coffee  and all the grinds fell into the made coffee!  This probably doesn't make sence to anyone but me as I made the booboo.
Long story short  I ruined the coffee!

So I had make him a new American with the stove top espresso pot (as I know how to use that one Lol!)
This one is simple as you add your grinds and water place on stove top and done in 2 minutes and the coffee is just as good as the fancy machines that are out there for espresso's 
Just incase anyone is interested the cost of these are very reasonable!

So here are a few pics, of pieces I created this week!

This first one is a peagusus pendant with 2 different brass chains and my art beads and some wooden beads.
This one looks so cute on!

This is a cuff I made and just added some brass chain and a toggle.  It is really cute when you have it on!

This pendant I had listed in my shop not to long ago and I decided to make something with it and I really like how it turned out.  It is simple but but interesting with the 2 different chains on each side.
It is quite cute. It is a shorter piece which is what I usually like to wear.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Very nice jewelry, Ingrid. I really like the simple porcelain focal and chain. I need to do more of that, but I always feel like I need to try to be more artsy - I need to work on that. You make beautiful components and now beautiful jewelry. I remember when you declared to me that you just couldn't/wouldn't make jewelry. I'm glad you were wrong.

    1. You know Jean I just love making jewelry! It is so satisfying,and when someone likes it enough to purchase it, it is amazing as your art is being worn by different people. It is funny I saw a piece I made last year being worn by the customer and it is such a cool feeling! I find simple can be artsy too.
      Thanks for the nice feedback♥

  2. Hi Ingrid - I found your morning woes funny - I can laugh because I know how things happen when you are in a hurry. Love your jewelry pieces too! I agree simple is sometimes more of a statement.

  3. Hi Ingrid,
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