Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Monday!

Monday morning!  Hmm what can I say it is raining out and I did manage to mail out my orders this morning, so now I have to try and scoot to the basement and get some work done.  The trick is not to spend to much time on the computer as it sucks all my creative energy!  I can already feel this happening as I have been loading pictures and surfing.
So today I am going to show you a few things I made over the last week and some items I am planning on listing sometime this week!
Hope you enjoy!
These are new leafs that I started making.
I listed a blue pair of these leafs in my shop the other day!

This bracelet I made last week with one of my curved wings and beads!
I also made my own clasp and connector  which I was hammering away at!
The beads are beads I made when we were in Maui last fall.

Okay now for some goodies I will be listing this week!

Bird Pendant!

Sacred Heart!


Tree of Life Goddess!

Finally Done!
The computer kept screwing with the pics and then they would disapear and I would have to start all over again!  Very frusterating ( I am just being polite I really am thinking something else)
So with this note I will leave you all!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Beautiful pieces!!! You've been busy.

    Yesterday I created a post and even after saving as I went along, all the photos were lost, as well as most of the text. I ended up deleting the entire thing since I was fed up. Today I tried again and the same thing happened. It takes me quite a while to compose a post, especially if photos are involved. Needless to say, I'm more than mad.

    There may have been a bit of cursing on my part this morning, and maybe a bit of banging my fist and head on the desk.

    1. I know I went through the same thing and after I finally had it all done it didn't publish for about and hour.

  2. Hi girls. I feel your pain but for me it is with the post office. Spent an hour trying to mail a package to Canada today which requires a trip to the post office and two were closed and one had a full parking lot and I couldn't get close to it to park.

    Beautiful things Ingrid. How did you secure your wire around the small end of your wing? Did you put a hole in it?

  3. Regarding the wing bracelet I did have a hole at the other end but the glaze thinkend and filled it up and that is why I kept it and made a bracelet with it. I did intensed wire wrapping and it is quite secure now. But it turned out really cool.

  4. Love that bracelet. Love the blue with the wing. I have my green on my table waiting. I had it wrapped and liked the way it wrapped but decided I wanted the wire antiqued so I took it apart. Then I couldn't get it to wrap the same so I put it aside until another day with more patience. Lol. Beautiful earrings too!

  5. Wow, these are some really beautiful creations. Love the bird. And the sacred heart. And . . . ;)

  6. Lovely creative works indeed! Yes, it's been raining here since Sunday night, ugh! Warmer weather is expected for the PNW in the next few days. Enjoy.