Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Items!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!   We had 14 of us for dinner and it was awesome with a mix of all types of food from sushi to salmon to cabbage rolls etc!
The weather has also been Soooo Amazing!
I did manage to do a glaze firing and most everything turned out except one custom order which ended up having a melt down.  (yes the piece ended up fusing to a post and melting together, but not the others)
It is always the pieces that are really important that end up having something happen.
So here are some random pics of some of the goodies!

The owl in this pic is amazing!
And is quite large!

Another cool gargoyle!

Sweet flower buttons!

Scary Sculls!
And amazing Beads!

Have an amazing Day!

Love and Peace♥

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