Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Minnies new haircut!

Well yesterday I had to take Minnie (my sweet little pom) to get her shaved as her hair just gets so thick.  So when this happens it is like getting a new dog as she looks so different and is still cute as a button. So here are some before and after pics.
This is just before we left!

 This is after we got back home and she could cuddle in my old housecoat which is one of her blankies!

She looks so sad in this one

Here are some pics of the other gang as they were all hanging around sleeping nearby!
This is Simba and Spirit down below.

And of course this is beautiful Timber. I don't think she can ever take a bad picture.  She is so photogenic!

Okay I had this great surprise as I loaded my kiln for a glaze firing late last night and as I programed the kiln it kept saying fail.  Okay I have always had a manual kiln in the past and I have this huge programable one also for large loads.  Long story short I have to order this part before it will work again and I sure hope it is this part I am thinking it is.  I actually like the manual kilns better as you can usually fix any problems and still do a firing, but with the computerized ones there was no warning just bam stop working, and living in a smaller town you have to order in everything anyways I could go on and on and bore you all to death so I will stop as  I did all my screaming last night anyways Lol! 
So I do have a small manual one I will load a few things in today just to get some new things in the shop.
Have a great day everyone!
Love and Peace♥


  1. Minnie, Simba, Spirit, and Timber are such beautiful pets. I especially love the pic of Minnie in the housecoat. Sorry to hear about your kiln and hope you getter' repaired soon! Thanks for the share and wish you a great 2nd half of the week!

  2. What sweet babies. Where did Minnie go? Wouldn't it be cool to keep her hair and have it woven into something. I always wanted to have that done....

    Okay, as you know, my Mom lost her Belgian Turvuren a couple of weeks ago. Well, she is going to look at a Chihuahua tomorrow! What a switch huh? But, she can't handle a big dog anymore and this little guy needs a home anyway. We do rescues in my family so sometimes you just have to trust that the dog will pick you!

    Sorry about your kiln, maybe the universe is trying to tell you to take a couple of days off.

    1. Minnie went to the dog groomers. When we had moon our malamute he had so much hair they saved it for this lady that did stuff with it. I am talking garbage bags full!
      My parents go to yuma every fall for the winter and they adopted a Chihuahua at a shelter and he is the sweetest guy you could ever get. I have had quite a few rescue animals over the years.
      I can't afford to slow down as I am getting ready for Creative Chaos! It is this large show we have every year out this way and it is always the first weekend in June.
      You should check out the website it tells you all about it.
      There are amazing artists from all over Canada.