Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today is Good Friday and it is a nice clear brisque morning!  Still in my house coat having my first coffee of the day!
Contemplating what to to first after feeding the critters showering etc!.

I have started glazing some beads and have been working on that, but last night could not bring myself to do any glazing so I hope today I will get enough done to do a firing for tomorrow.

For me it is not just plopping glaze on every bead each bead or pendant almost tells you what to do if you really pay attention.  I know that sounds wierd but it is true for me, and if your muse is off  then there is no point in glazing as your heart just won't be in it and you will not have a spectacular firing at the end.
I guess this can be said for jewelry also as many times I have a focal piece waiting for me to work on and I can walk by it for days or even weeks, and then in one moment it will call you over and  you start working on it and see it start coming together.  I love it when that happens!

So today I wanted to showcase a necklace by Erika, 

This necklace has beads also made by MaryAnn Macarroll and Natalie Pappas (also on Etsy).

Here is another picture of the same necklace!
You can really see all the great beads.

Have a great Easter Weekend!

Love and Peace♥



  1. The beads always look so much nicer in person :) I always get compliments on the ceramic beads in this necklace whenever I wear it. Some friends were picking out their favorite beads and they both liked the oblong one by Ingrid. I like it too, that's why I put it in the front ;)