Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend show!

Well I had a crazy weekend!  I did an artisan craft show on Saturday and Sunday and when getting ready for a show just to pack all your things is a 1 week event ( for me anyways) 
Then setting up the night before (which I am so thankful for) as it always takes me so long and it is nice to come in the next morning and not feel dirty from setting up.
I normally have Ken help me setup but he was out of town so it was mostly me but my friend Susan helped me with th jewelry display and she did an awesome job!
So I thought I would share a couple of pics

This is the full booth
This particular show I have a nice size booth so thier is lots of room to play!

One side of my jewelry display.

This was the other side of the display.

I made earrings for the necklace that are from the same tin that say sour and mash
turns out this fudge is made with bourbon whiskey.

Love and Peace♥


  1. Ingrid! I had no idea! What a beautiful set up you have. It all looks so nice. I really like the black drapes. And all the jewelry! You have been holding out on us.....I'd love to see pictures up close. It must be a lot of work but you really make it look nice. Great job!

  2. Your setup looks awesome! Your hard work proved positive, professional, clean, inviting! Hope you did well with sales.

  3. Hi Ingrid. Looks great. Hope you did well!

  4. I love this setup! I never get lucky enough to get such a large booth space. I'm interested in your lighting. I have a lot of trouble getting light on the front of my displays so they show up bettr. Nice job!

  5. The lights on the jewelry displays are just small clippy lights from walmart. You can just clip them on your displays and spotlight pieces. Another thing is if you have a display where you can drill a hole in the top and take the lamps that screw to a table and not use the bottom part of the lamp and place the end piece into the hole you drilled into the display you have it securly attached and they can be moved around ( like the ones that are on my pottery display shelves) Hope this makes sence.