Friday, February 24, 2012

Yeay! It's Friday!

It's Friday and man the weather is really sucking here!  But last night I actually attempted glazing a few goodies.  I really have to mentally be in the mood for this task.  The funny thing is I never know what I will do with my pieces  until I start.  It is like there is a plan for each little gem and when I get to that piece it draws me to what I should do with it.  That is the beauty for me no plan just let the universe take control!  That is probably why I never take notes, plus I don't seem to be organized enough in that particular field, lol!
So here are some pics of what I actually did!

Not very exciting at the moment, but just wait until later!

Here are a few items I am planning on listing soon!

Bead Caps!

Matte Speckled!

Neutral Speckled!


2 Sweet Beads!

8 Assorted sweeties♥

Have a great day!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Ingrid, I totally get what you are saying about just letting the universe take over. That is pretty much my approach to making jewelry. I have seen people say they "sketch", but I can't imagine having much of an idea of what the finished piece will be when I start. I wonder if that has something to do with our horoscope sign? I am a Scorpio - does anyone know if that makes a difference?