Thursday, February 9, 2012


Goodmorning to you!  Just incase you didn't here I won a giveaway!  So exciting here is the link for the blog if you would like to check it out! and this is what I won! He he! I still am sooo excited.  It is a sweater gaurd from the 1950's
I did post a link for the giveaway on my blog and I guess Jean didn't notice it luckily as she just won 2 give aways just the other day and as things alway come in 3's she would have probably won this one too :) Incase you don't know who I am talking about here is a link to Jean's Blog! She is a jewelry designer on etsy.
Anyways Dave has I think 3 vintage shops on etsy just go to the above link and you can check them all out!
Back to me!  I finally did a bisque firing yesterday and if you are wondering what that means it is a firing after your clay items have been made and dried (slowly) and placed in a kiln and fired at a lower temperature slowly so the items are able to be handled withtout breaking or falling apart and glazed of course.
Interesting isn't it!
Here are a couple of pics of items that didn't make it into the kiln and they have to wait until next time.
 above little bowls customers just love small dishes!
Large serving plate with 2 handles!

And here are a couple of bead sets I am planning on listing today !

I am not sure why the pictures are sideways but I am not messing with them as who knows what that will start!

I could write more but I need to save stuff for tomorrow!

Have a great day!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Fun bowls! I love your bead pictures. Are you taking them on top of the snow? It looks like snow at least. Beautiful!

    1. Yes that is snow! I find some glazes so hard to get the correct color so last year I tried taking pictures of the beads in the snow. It is an intersting look but some days it is sooo cold!

  2. Nice sweater guard Ingrid. It is beautiful. And at about 60 years old, it is even more special. Congratulations on winning it.

  3. Yay! Always nice to win! I like your serving trays. Always handy to have those on hand. I recently discovered a woman who lives down the street from me that owns Dragon Clay Studios here in Port Hope. I have decided to take some lessons in the spring and am looking forward to it!!

    1. Have fun! Love to see some pics of what you create!