Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's hard to always come up with an interesting title so hello it is for today!(not very interesting I know)
I am just going to show some pics of a couple of old raku pieces I made 100 yrs ago and my light switch that I bought at an artisan show about 10 yrs ago now, man time flys! My mom loves playing with my light switch he he! You will see what I mean when you look at the pictures.
First a couple of pics of out side again.  We have this unbelievable fog this last week and it is creating all this snow ice not sure what to call it on everything!  You could get some really cool pics if you wanted to though!
This is going down the driveway.

This is outside our back door.

I know you are probably getting bored of these but I haven't seen this a lot and when I do I never take pictures in time.

Okay here is a mask I made like I said about 15yrs ago he is raku fired!

He looks a bit scary I know but he is way sweeter in person!
I think I am only going to show the one piece today!

Next is the entrance to my showroom with my mirrors and pots  and etc are!   But I am only showing the light switch today!
Everyone loves to play with him!
Isn't he funny!
She had all kinds of cute things.

Until tomorrow!

Love and Peace♥
Exciting News! He he go to and see what I won! heheheheh!


  1. Oh Brrrrrr!!! Those pics look mighty frosty! Love the mask, not scary attal!! LOL@your light switch, I bet they like playin' with, hehe. Swing on over to my blog as you may find something there to warm ya up!!! TTFN!!

  2. Oh, my Ingrid. I am shocked. Why you are really showing a side of you that I never saw before. Okay, now that the righteous indignation is out of the way, love the outdoor pictures. Still want to be your wife. And the lightswitch is cute too. Now for the mask, I love that. Did you really make it 100 years ago?
    Luv ya girl.

    1. Actually we call him Denise Rodman? I don't know how to spell the name but he is or was a basketball player I think for the Chicago Bulls I could be wrong on the team thing. Anyways at the time he was always in the news and I was making masks and when this one turned out I added a nose ring and called him Denise. I could of sold him a few times already but Dakota was really young and said he didn't want me to sell him. So now he hangs at the wall when entering my showroom.