Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today I am posting a few items that I made last year and were in my stash but am planning on listing in my shop.
I have a huge stash of stuff that I have made over the last couple of years and I don't like listing the same things over and over again so I keep them and maybe sometime down the road I will list them again.  I also have a hard time letting go of some of my things as I love them all and I know how much work is involved until you get the final piece.
I have said this before but I don't take notes when I am glazing and many times I use so many different layers of glazes that I cannot repeat a pendant exactly the same which is exactly what I want.  This is when you have a piece and it is truly one of a kind.  But there are many glazes I do remember and I can repeat :)  But even these items always turnout a bit different.

Here are some pics!

Sea shell pendant

Old key pendant

Honey bee bead pendant I started making these last year in the spring! But haven't listed any for quite some time.

larger beads these are almost 2yrs old now!

And below my dimpled beads!

I first made these on the beach in Maui!
We were there 2 years ago and I found this cute shell and made a design on my beads with it!
You see the first year we went I didn't take any clay with me and I had so much time on my hands as I don't like to just sit around and do nothing! so I made a point of taking clay the next following 2 years that we went!

Well that's it for today!

Love and Peace♥


  1. I do the same thing with my glazes, I never know what I've done. I've tried to be good and take notes but I get too caught up in it all and I forget all too quickly.

    I also take clay with me when we go out of town for a few days.

  2. Me too! Sometimes when I'm making wire work earrings, it is impossible for me to make two that match. Now that's bad!

  3. That seashell looks real! I know what you mean about not letting go of stuff you've made. And I also know about not being able to make two earwires that match!

  4. I work in copper, so I end up taking sheet metal and my saw and torch on vacation... I thought it was just me.