Monday, February 6, 2012


Well it is another foggy morning out.  Yesterday I saw the sunshine for maybe 30 minutes and then back to a grey foggy day.  It is still dark out but I know it is foggy as I peaked out the back door and I also don't see any lights looking out towards the town.
But I did manage to drag A.. yesterday to do some more glazing, which is amazing, so I hope I can get a firing done this week!

Here is a picture of a sweet bracelet that Marina (fancifuldevices) made with some of my pink stoney beads
If you would like to checkout her shop here is the link

Here are a few pics of beads I am planning on listing in my shop.

The beads to the right are sold

The house and the be happy beads are also sold. Orange set just sold.

Have to get my son Dakota out of bed and ready for school now!

Have a great Monday!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Yeah, I was finally able to successfully get to some of your work before Liz and Erika and Sophie! lol

    I got the four blue beads, the "Be Happy" beads and the house. I am so excited. I would do a happy dance but all the dogs are asleep and I believe in letting sleeping dogs lie.

  2. well, you are such a tease. showing these gorgeous beads only to say they're all sold! lovely as always. and thanks for showing my little ol' bracelet. *blushes*
    sending you some germy hugs (been sick, getting better.)

  3. Guess what I didn't get any of these beads! Hee, hee, I saw them and passed them up because really I just say no to myself sometimes and find that healthy for me...not to say that everyone should do that. Thank you for showing Marinas bracelet I find her designs fascinating. I really like the way you incorporate mixed media components in your work! Got to go now someone is tailing me...don't you just hate when someone does that! lol!

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