Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Cold Day!

Well today our temperature is -28 with the windchill.  All I know it is F.....Cold. That could mean freezing also!

So to brighten the day I am going to share some pictures of jewelry that a few of my customers have made with my components.

First thing trying to figure out how to download a picture from an e-mail.
This should be fun!

I will start with Jean Wells as she was one of my first regular customers on etsy and she really helped get my shop noticed with all her beautiful creations!

OMG!  I just copied and pasted the pictures and it worked!
Can you believe it to easy!
Here is a link to her site
I even did the link this is all new to me so everything that works is

My next pictures are from Erika

In the second picture some of the beads used are also from another bead artist   Mary Ann Carroll
Lovely pieces!

My next pictures are from Sophie

These are all so beautiful!

If you would like to contact sophie regarding her pieces here is her link to her shop
These are all beautiful pieces and am so honered that such talented artisans have chosen some of my components to add to there work!
Thank you for your support♥

I have no idea why this is typing in the center I must have pressed a button?
But I did manage to figure out how to add pictures from and e-mail.
Love and Peace!

Okay You can't copy and paste pictures as I just found out as I was the only one who could see them.
You have to add you picture to the phote thin and go through the browse thing.
Over and Out I'm Done!


  1. Lovely blog post Ingrid. However, the pictures didn't come through.

    1. Am I the only one who can see them?
      What should I do?

  2. Much better. I love Erika's acorn necklace and Sophie's pieces are beautiful too. You know, Ingrid, none of them would be possible without your inspiring components. Thank you for making them.

  3. Thank you Ingrid for featuring all this talent!! Look forward to incorporating more of your pieces into my work!

  4. Hi Ingrid! I'm honored to be included with these talented ladies! Your pictures of the bead pile from yesterday have me excited. Happy blogging :)

  5. Hay we are not the 3 amigo's anymore:)
    Now we are the 4 amigo's

  6. 5 Amigo's Now my friends!
    Welcome to the blog world Ingrid!

  7. Omg,I just realized you put a link to my shop! It is empty. I am slowly working on my own web page and am ecstatic about for etsy community I love you guys and will always be here no matter what!