Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Snow!

We received another 4 to 5 inches of snow again and more to come Yuk!
Finally finished shoveling and could really use a hottub,  a hot shower might be better for now, hottub tonight when my back really starts aching.
I did empty my kiln today and thought I might share a couple of pictures and also a couple of pictures of the pond area with my mermaid peaking out she is so beautiful.
So I am not sure how to do the picture thing so this will be my first attempt.

Let see what happens.
OMG!  It worked:)  See my mermaid peaking through the snow.

Now I am going to show you a couple of picks of beads and pendants that came out of the kiln today,
they are just all clumped together.  I think they look nicer when they are all seperated in thier colors
But lets see how it looks

I somehow accidently moved one of the  pics and can't move it back but I hope it looks okay:)
I think I better stop while I am ahead lol.


  1. Oh, my. I would just love to be able to run my hands through that pile of beads. So beautiful all together like that. Of course, you know I will want to see close ups of the horses, and what is that round thingy in the center of the bottom picture. It's like Christmas morning, only better!

  2. It is like Christmas morning everytime you empty your kiln. It doesn't matter what is in it it is always exciting!
    The thingy is a pendant.

  3. I'm with Jean on this one! I could dive right into that pile of beads! Your pics turned out awesome, the mermaid looks like she fits right in with the snow. Thanks for sharing!!