Thursday, January 19, 2012


 It is still snowing but right now flurries but they are adding up and you know what that means!  I am going to have to clean that darn driveway again! Plus it is Freezing Cold!
Our driveway is longgggg, and slopped and a pain to clean as you hit the uneven gravel underneath the snow and jar your shoulder Ouch!  I haven't even started about around the house and everywhere else.
I guess enough wineing about snow and long driveways! (not sure if I spelt that right?)

Today I am going to feature another talented artist named Liz that uses some of my components in her jewelry.

So I know I won't be able to copy and paste  the pictures which is to bad becouse I really liked doing it that way!
It was so nice and easy this other way is a pain.

Okay here we go again!  Opps ! pressed publish before adding pics Lol.  Good start lets hope I finish this in less that 2 hrs not like yesterday:)
Enough about me back to Liz

Beautiful pieces!

If you would like to contact Liz or visit her shop here is the link

Thanks for visiting♥
Love and Peace


  1. Wow very nice! I just visited your shop and it is beautiful! What would we do without Ingrid? Cheers!

  2. Oh Sophie did you see there are 6 of use including me hehe!

  3. Must be all that chocolate I ate last night! he he! Too much! and hey I If really love someones work I tell them! Six and growing, awesome!

  4. Love that one in the middle...just added it to my etsy favorites:)

    BTW Ingrid, I like when you photograph your beads in the snow - looks really neat!

    1. Well we are having LOTS of snow so I will do that again.
      I like the look also with the white fluffy background.

  5. Hi Ingrid. Liz's jewelry is beautiful. I'm going to go check out her shop. Your followers are growing by leaps and bounds in numbers. You are loved!

  6. Beautiful work Liz, Now I know who reserves all the beads I like!

  7. Yeah, Liz and Jean both reserve the stuff I like! But then we get to buy the stuff they make (I just bought that center bracelet!;) )

    1. That is great Erika. That is a beautiful bracelet!
      They are both such talented artists and they have great taste in beads! hehe!

    2. Yes this is true Erika...I am a big fan of Jeans jewelry and I have to stop myself from buying!! It's all good!!