Monday, December 10, 2012

It has been a while since my last blog he he! that sounds like a confession.  Anyways I finally have all my artisan shows behind me and now I can focus on Christmas baking decorating etc.  Oh and also all my custom orders for Etsy.  For anyone out there who is waiting for items please forgive me for taking so long to get them done.  I am normally very organized and more efficient but this year I am not sure what is going on.

Also I wanted to share this story with you all,  I was driving to my last show last week getting ready to set up the night before and as I am driving out of the country part of town into the more city part, as I pass this cute little house on about 2 acres of land  I notice about 7 geese and ducks waddling towards there evening shelter.  It was the cutest thing ever as they were marching from large to small like something you see in a movie.  It just brought this big smile to my face and as I am writing this it is bringing the smile back.  I just wish I could have taken a picture and shared it with all of you.

The point of the story is sometimes we forget how something so small can make us smile and feel happy.  I know I take things for granted and it reminded me how lucky we all are and how beautiful the little things are.

So moving on!

I am planning on doing a glaze firing really sooon! ( maybe this week!)

Also I thought I would  share a pic of another necklace I made in the meantime.

Remember the blue pendant that I mentioned in the last blog well this is what I did with it!

It is not the best picture but it is really cute when you have it on.   It is a combination of handmade forged links, handmade pendant (made by me:)) vintage crown pin and commercial chain!

That is all for today! and I promise next blog I will have some new beads and pendants to show you:)

                                                                       Love and Peace♥

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