Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!

The other morning we were looking out the kitchen windows as Timber and Minnie (our 2 doggies) were barking and we see this deer and just behind is this sweet little newborn fawn which you can barely see becouse of the tall grass, but once she was in the open for a split second there was the baby.  So imediatly I had to run and get the camera and get some pics. I am not sure how good they will be on the blog but I am going to give it a try.

I wish I could figure out how to enlarge where the deers are then you could really see the baby better.

There they are going through our fancy garden fence which I think some other animal made an entrance through.
You can see how tiny it is as it was just born.  The mom leaves it in our tall grass and keeps coming back to it as it can't get out of the property yet.  But you never see it.

Last year Ken (the invisable man)  was harvesting garlic or maybe pulling scapes on the garlic anyways all of a sudden he sees this tiny fawn in the garlic patch.  He had to be really careful as he new that the mommy wasn't far away.

Also last post Liz asked if I would share my pizza reciepe or any tips.

So here is my standby reciepe which I have been using over 20 yrs.  I have tried many reciepes and this simple one works for me.

So here are the ingredients

1 1/3 cups water(warm)
1tsp yeast
1/2tsp sugar(if you want it is to help with the yeast I don't use it but many people do)
1/2 tsp salt (more if you like up to your taste buds)
2 T. oil (olive, canola, what ever you like to use)
3 C flour ( also with this you can mix it up sometimes I use 1C rye flour 2 C unbleached white just play with it)  But for the beginning use 3 C white and play when you get use to the reciepe.

Okay this is a trick a friend told me a few years back.  If you have a bread machine add your liquid ingredients first and finish with the dry ingredients ending with the yeast on the top.
Set machine to dough cycle which is 2 hrs on my machine and walk away.

To easy!  You don't even get your hands dirty!  I use to mix everything in my bosch macine before or by hand.

So whenever I can use the BM for making yeast doughs I do as it does all the kneading for me:)

Also I always double the reciepe and make 2 large pizza's so we have leftovers.
The bread machine can handle double the reciepe.

So another trick I found to make the pizza dough taste better is if you make the dough in the morning and after it is done in the bread machine take it out and place in a large bowl and let it rise all day long and keep punching down once in a while and you get this more tasty dough.

okay roll out dough when ready to use and add toppings of your choice!
if you want to get a cool air bubbly look stretch out you dough and throw it in the air!

If baking in the oven bake at 500 degrees on bottom rack of oven Preheat oven! Bake 15 min depending on your oven.
I have found this is the best way to bake it in the oven as pizza likes a hot oven!

If placing on grill cover with lid for 15 min. depending of your grill etc. also we place our pans on a cast iron griddle we found at a garage sale years ago.

I hope I covered everything without going on to long.

If anyone has anymore questions let me know.

Okay now for the goods!

Here are a few pics of pendants I am planning on listing!

Okay I think this will be all for today! ( I don't want to overwhelm everyone with this long posting)

So have a great weekend everyone!
                                                                           Love and Peace♥


  1. Awww! Too cute. That fawn is really tiny.

    And thanks for the pizza recipe!

  2. What a nice pic of the doe and fawn. Look like whitetails? I too make my own pizza dough/pizza, but can't wait to give yours a try. I'd never thought about letting the dough rise all day though? Sounds interesting and gonna give 'er a go! Thanks for the share of the doe and the dough! (couldn't resist). Have a great day!

  3. LOL, after I re-read my post it kinda sounds like a poem or rhyme, not intended as such, but does. hehe.

  4. "doe and dough" lol

    Nothing is cuter than a baby deer, or puppies, or kittens, or calves, or colts, okay, any kind of baby - but I've seen some human babies that could not possibly be called cute.

    Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. I still want to come live with you and be your wife.....could you do something about getting rid of those men?