Friday, June 1, 2012

Today Creative Chaos!

Goodmorning today is the start of our 3 day show in Vernon.  I hoped you were able to check it out on the previous post . ( There was a link to there Website)
It has been a week of Chaos for sure.
I will try and take some pics today if I can remember lol!  I wish you all could come out to the event and see it as it is truly a great event for a small town like Vernon.
As I was setting up I could see all these great displays and products around me, it is just so amazing and there are 3 buildings of this.  Plus there is a pottery show not far from the event also with many talented potters.
I know I will be seeing Cillaw from tellyourgirlfriends sometime this weekend as she always trys to make it for the event.
So I quickly took a few pics of some pieces I am planning on listing this weekend if possible.
I already listed the first pic in my shop this morning
Love this set and these glazes!
These are all my own personal glazes that I make up from scratch.  Usually they are on mugs and other stuff, but I love them on beads also!

Yes these are my famous matte blue beads which are truly amazing when using in jewelry!

Love this set!

And of course the popular Dragonfly in Ocean Blue as I call it!

I have to go so have a  GREAT WEEKEND!

Love and Peace♥


  1. I love the turtle connector with the "Peace" sign on its back.

  2. HAAAA! Yes You will see me today Ingrid! You do know me, Deanna, my sister and a new friend Bonnie will come by today after work.! Can't Wait!! See You then!