Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Creative Chaos!

Goodmorning everyone!  I have been frantically getting ready for creative chaos!
Here is a link if you would like to check it out, this will give you the history of the show and any other information you may be interested in. http://www.creativechaoscrafts.com/
Anyways I am also a volunteer so it is a crazy week!
I will try and take some pictures when I am at the show if possible but I am sure there will be some new ones on the website.
I did have one small firing that I did last week here is a sneak peek at a few things.
I did have pics of pendants but it didn't turn out once I checked the memory card and already put them away.  But here is a small section of some beads and buttons.

Also here is a necklace I was working on a few weeks ago.  The funny thing is I can't throw anything away as I always think I may be able to use it someday.  Anyway's the small glass red heart was sitting on my workbench for over a year and I new one day it may come in handy, well then this brass plate landed on my work bench having no idea what i would do with this either and then I had a lightbulb moment (as Oprha would say) magic happend I placed the heart on the brass plate and they both  turned into a pendant.  I also added the small dragonfly charm which just happend to be sitting there also. 
It is so funny as I had no plan but I started with one item and the necklace just grew from parts that were all in the area.
I love when this happens as you are not forcing the necklace it is just coming to you!
( I am not sure if this makes sence to anyone out there but for some strange reason it does to me)
The large lampwork bead is a bead that I made a few years ago also, and it just matches perfectly

So this is all for today!

Love and Peace♥

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  1. Love that button!
    The necklace is also quite pretty.
    When I see that bunch of beads, I wish I could just reach in and grab a huge handful!!