Saturday, March 10, 2012

Northern Lights!

Well 2 nights ago thier was a solar storm (I think that is what it was called)  I was in bed sleeping and all of a sudden I hear Holly Shit! OMG!  This is my son Dakota in the kitchen, so immediatly it catches my attention, half a sleep what is going on.  Mom you have to come see this and then more OMG!  So not knowing what was going on I go to the kitchen thinking something is wrong.  Dakota is saying to me look at the northern lights and I coudn't see them as I was still half a sleep so we went outside and sure enough the sky had this green hugh that was rippeling in the sky it was so cool.  I guess when he saw it it was larger but that was a very exciting experience!  So 10 minutes later Ken my other half got up to go see as I was going on about it and there was nothing in the sky anymore.  That was a bummer as he loves all that stuff and like I said it was a real  cool experience!

Here are a few items I am planning on listing today!
These are 12 smaller beads that are great for using in projects.

This Lion Pendant is amazing! It is darker than the picture is showing!

This is and ancient looking pendant!

There might be more goodies not sure yet see how my day goes.

Love and Peace♥

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