Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Day!

Well here is another Monday morning and today is going to be a working day! ( as long as I stay away from the computer)  That is the goal today!  Mental note do not go on computer after posting blog, Done!
So like I said I am planning on actually getting some pots thrown so I can also get some beads fired.  Without the pots thier are no beads.  I would go crazy trying to fill my large kiln just with beads an pendants,   All that Glazing that I love to do! Lol!
So back to reality here are a few items I am planning on listing maybe later.
I guess I should have called this blue monday!

First pic is a cute little pixie pendant! In a matte finish!

 2nd pic 3 assorted art beads in a Matte finish

3rd pic is a mermaid connector that went sideways and can't seem to adjust to have it face the correct way! This is also in a matte finish!

 4th pic 3 tree of life earthtone art buttons!

 Last picture is a key pendant that is already listed this morning!

Have a great Day!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Beautiful goodies! But, I guess you won't see this comment since you are staying away from the computer.

  2. Oh wow. So yummy--I was gonna list my favorites, and then I thought better of it because it was most of them.