Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A snowy Wednesday!

Well it is another snowy day where I live.  Yesterday we had sunshine and sure enough today we are back to snow!  It is getting a bit annoying!
But I did do a bisque firing which means I need to really ramp up my glazing so I can do a glaze firing this weekend, and you know what that means more stuff yeah! 
Here is a pic at just a few of the beads I will be working on.

Just remember this is the before picture!

I also have an exciting sweet bracelet that Sophie sent me a picture of  that I will share with you.
It is soooo adorable!

It is made with lapis beads and 4 of my pottery rounds and honey bee focal bead and this adorable enameled toggle and her own handmade toggle clasp oh I also see a sweet swarovski heart dangle.
I really love the yellow and blue colors it is really a beautiful piece.
If  you would like to contact Sophie regarding this bracelet or other items she has, here is  a link.

One more thing here is a cute pendant I am planning on listing today!

This is for all you horse lovers out there!

Have a great Wednesday!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Okay lets try this again! I must have had a brain fart! lol! I photographed the bracelet upside down. Love the double horse pendant!

  2. Oh that bracelet is gorgeous! Love yellow and blue together. And that yellow clasp is wonderful.

  3. WOW! I love that horse pendant. I love horses.

  4. Great bracelet. Sophie, I didn't know you were from Canada. Where? and we share the same last name!

    love new beads too Ingrid!