Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Goodies!

I just spent about 30minutes writing and lost all my info!
This is not a good thing ERR!

Anyways last night I was checking out my blog to see if anyone was looking at it, and I noticed I had a lot more views than normal.  I thought this was strange as I only have a few regular followers and they can only checkout my blog so many times.
Then I received an e-mail from Fanciful saying she was adding a link in her blog to mine, okay now I know why I was receiving extra views Lol!
Thanks Fanci for doing that.♥

Anyways came across a couple of old pottery beads I made about 15yrs ago.  I guess these beads are almost vintage Lol!

 I had this great idea back then that I was going to make jewelry with my own pendants and beads .  I have always tried to figure things out on my own and thought making beads will be easy.  Well they were not as easy to make as I thought.  I also wanted high fired beads with smaller holes so I decided to fire them on a nichrome wire and they would turn out great! to easy!  Well my beads were not round like I wanted but I could live with that as I new I would get better at making them in time.  But when I opened the kiln and the beads were all stuck to the bottom of the shelf that was a real bummer! Tried a few different things and wasn't having any better results.  Back then I had no computer and there wern't any books on high fired beads.  I ended up ordering a bead rack from our only supplier in B.C. and when I received it I realized I could only make large hole  fired beads so I just put it to the side.
My son wasn't  even 2yrs old  back then and I had a lot of stuff going on and decided I would just stick to making pots for now and come back to the beads later.  ( I think I made the right choice)
Try not to laugh to hard as these beads are really bad!

The gold on the beads is a marker where I was trying to cover the kiln shelf that is attached to the bead.
WTF was I thinking?
Good thing thier are only 3 of these remaining Lol!

These are a few of the mugs I am working on at the moment.

I better stop while I  still have this page as I keep having to redo something when I get this far and I can't loose everything again!

Love and Peace♥


  1. I kinda like the ole' beads! Very cool mugs too, can't wait to see em done. I used to throw on a wheel years ago. I once threw 20lbs of clay in which I created a very large pot, but was distroyed in the kiln, go figure. Thanks for stoppin' by the blog and hope you've an awesome day!

    1. That is becouse they are almost vintage! Lol!
      The most amount of clay I have thrown on the wheel is about 16lbs a few years back I had to make a bunch of bowls for a spa and they wanted them as foot baths.

  2. You know, Ingrid, when all of us look back over our lives, it is amazing the things we have learned, isn't it. You've come a long way, baby! I just made that up but you can use it anytime. lol

    Also, lucky you being featured on Marina's blog. I wish she would feature me, but then I am not the talented PotteryGirl1!

    I'm going to go pout now.