Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Stuff!

Worked out again this morning! Which is a miracle since I am still sick but I have to get over this.
Yesterday I made some really funkey industrial type of mugs.  I handbuilt them and I hope they survive and that I can fiqure out some funkey glazing to do on them.  I find glazing is the hardest part regarding pottery ( for me anyways)  You can make a beautiful piece but if the glaze doesn't suit the piece it can just ruin it!
I am making somemore mugs today and I will show you all a picture tomorrow of how they look so far.

Here are some pics of stuff I have been working on a few days ago!

Teapot or what ever!

Handle with thumb rest!

Tall container for what ever suits your fancy!

This is an old copper heart I picked up from somewhere with vintaje chain pieces in between and 4coral pieces and a couple of bone beads
I think it turned out pretty sweet!

Over and Out!

Love and Peace♥

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  1. Very pretty. I really like being able to see your pottery. That is a side of you that is hidden from your etsy store.