Sunday, February 12, 2012

Firing! In The House!

Yes there is a firing in the house!  No the house is not on fire!  I am finally doing a glaze firing! Yea!
Yesterday I broke 3 items while glazing it is so frusterating when that happens.  1st it was a yarn bowl like a dummy picked it up at it's weakest point and snap it broke.  Later that day I was playing around with a  goddess bead I had glazed and noticed the hole was a bit small so like a dummy I went into the hole with a scewer thinking I could maybe make the hole larger but of course you can't snap. What was I thinking oh I wasn't.  Then the worst #3 I forgot to glaze this large square platter and was in the basement and placed it on our garbage can and like a dummy picked it up on the edge of the corner ( Not Thinking Again) SNAP!
After that I knew I was safe as things really do come in 3's I didn't even swear by the time I broke the 3rd item, what's the point?
Let's hope only good things come in 3's from now on.

So I was snooping in Liz's shop and noticed she had a new necklace and thought I would share it with you!
What a beauty!
Here is a link to her shop.

You know I just learned how to copy and paste last fall!  I know sad but I am copying and pasting up a storm now He He!

Here are 2 SWEET! Pendants I am planning on listing today!

This is a beauty!

Love this one too!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Hi. I saw that necklace in Liz's shop the other day. It is GORGEOUS. I love her use of the silk - just beautiful.

  2. Thanks for showing my necklace. It is one that I have wanted to list for awhile. I have tried to photograph time and again, but could not capture the beauty and detail of the pendant. Finally, last week I decided to try again. I glad that. Ingrid liked it:)