Monday, January 23, 2012

White Satin!

Goodmorning, hopefully today will be a productive day!
I already  did my workout and  have my etsy orders ready for shipping and now a quick blog.
Hopefully get some pottery done today when I get back from the post office.  (That is the  goal!:o))

I received  a few e-mails regarding a donut pendant that I had in one of my first pictures where I just emptied the kiln and decided I really wanted to keep that one for myself.
So yesterday I decided I better work on it!  I am not sure how many hours later I think I finally finished it!
Now you are probably thinking this is going to be some complicated necklace.
Well when I show you the picture you will probably wonder what is so hard about that!
I don't know it just took forever! Plus changing beads etc. What beads to use with my pottery ones!

Okay I have another picture on a black bust where you can see the necklace hanging better but this pictures show the true colors better.
See it doesn't look compicated but my first challange was the vintage brass chain! I kept putting it together with the chain being reverse! I did this about 4 times!  Then finding some beads that were not pottery to go with it!  After about an hour looking through stuff and changing everything I used 2 Larimar gemstone beads.  After adding more chain that I was attaching backwards again I added 2 of my beads and then some more older chain but this one was easy to work with:)
But then decided to add a crystal thing that hangs from the backdown.  That took a good 1/2hr.
The crystal thing does hang  but the necklace is laying on fabric for the picture.

So anyways the reason I am calling this blog White Satin!  Is becouse I found this satin pillow thing in one of my perfume boxes as I was cleaning out the cupboards in the bathroom and there was this pillow.  My first thought was Oh! that will make a great display item for a necklace at a show.

Later that evening I was taking some pics of something, can't remember what even though it was only a couple of days ago!  anyways it was late in the day and none of the pictures were turning out and I saw the satin pillow in my studio and decided I would try it.  So I have an ott lamp and put the pillow on the floor under the lamp and took the picture .  I think the combo of the ott lamp and the satin pillow gives you a nice clear shot.

What do you think?

Okay have to jump in the shower and head out!

Have a great day!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Great picture of a great necklace Ingrid. It looks like it is suspended in the clouds. You have an Ott light? I am jealous - or more accurately, too tight to spend the money on one. I love that vintage chain and I too have been challenged over and over to get things connected so that they behave. Perseverence is the key, my friend, perseverence.

  2. Love the colors in the necklace and the chain. Very pretty!

  3. Regarding the ott light last year they had a desk top version at Costco for under $20.00 So I ended up getting that and a few weeks later Micheals had a 50% coupon so I ended up getting the floor model which made it much more affordable. I tell you it is worth every penny as my basement lighting sucks and I can't see some of the little thingies!
    Also if it helps with picture taking this could be another bonus!

  4. I was looking at the ott light and if you join Micheal's website you can get 50% off coupons!! Bonus! I like the natural result of how your necklace looks.

    I see you like to incorporate vintage parts in your jewelry! Me too as I have tons of it I bought years ago on ebay! Happy beading....:0

  5. Oh I forgot to mention! You work out! Awesome! What do you do? I practically live at the gym and I box too! Today is the first day I will be going for a much needed massage. My left lower back is pulling slightly I think due to doing dead lifts! I guess that is why they call them dead lifts..:)

    1. Yes I have been collecting things for years. I guess I always new I would use them somehow.
      I have had this thing way back with my pottery incorporating different mediums with my pots. Now I am doing it with my beads!
      Yes I am getting back into working out. I have slacked off the last couple of years.
      At the moment I am just doing cardio and weights!
      Hope you have a nice massage ( I am so jealous!)