Saturday, January 21, 2012

Only -3 outside!Yaeh!

Well hello today!
We had a snowfall warning yesterday and luckely we only received 3-4 inches of snow where I live.
Also the weather is warming up a bit.  The last time I looked it was -3 yaeh!  .You may be thinking -3 is she crazy! but it was -18 or colder just a few days ago, so -3 feels like spring is on it's way:o)
So what's new and crazy with anyone out there?  It is strange always talking about yourself.
I think today I might share a couple of my jewelry pictures with you.  This is very scarey for me as I only started playing a bit 1 1/2 years ago and really haven't had a lot of time to play with it as everything takes sooooo long when you are new to it.
One day I made a simple looking bracelet and it took me over 2hrs, and the part I was stuck on was the end of the bracelet.  I was almost finished and then at the end I kept playing with something and I thought I was going insane! This seems to happen to me a lot.  I like combining all kinds of mediums with my pieces and when you are using vintage items and you loose a little link somewhere on the floor and can't find it and you really need it so it will match the chain.  (Very frustrating and then you find it and drop it again)
I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you with my details:)
Let's see if I can find any pics to share!

I sold this piece last November at an artisan sale!  As you can see it has a couple of my stoney beads in it and a few speckled matte beads also recycled glass which I just love to work with, and one of my pendants.  This also had brass chain mixed in between and some little recycled piece I added for a dangle at the end of the chain.  This picture didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but what I am learning is , taking pictures of jewelry is really Hard!
I was going to share another piece with you, but this is all I had down loaded on the computer so I guess I will share more another time.
Have a great Day!
Love and  Peace


  1. Welcome to jewelry making! Yes taking pictures of jewelry is hard! Especially getting the lighting right. There's an LMAJ blog post all about that subject.

    Don't ya just love dropping beads, links, etc on the floor? Esp when the rug has a design on it! You haven't lived till you have a whole row of seed beads fly off the end of the wire! I've thought of putting a white sheet under the table to catch the spills and make them easier to find and pick up.

    Your necklace is pretty! I like the colors, and love those stonies!

    By the way, isn't that what a blog is - talking about yourself, what's going on in the studio, new stuff going, etc?

    Enjoy your -3. Is that celcius? I'm finally getting the hang of metric measurements, but not temps.

    1. Erika I have hardwood floors and everything bounces. Sometimes I drop things just to see where it might have bounced Lol!

  2. You make very pretty jewelry Ingrid. It is slow at first, but you will get faster at it with practice. And on dropping things, it happens a lot here. I won't even run the vacuum until I have scoured over the floor with a flashlight. I don't want to waste anything, not even one little seed bead so I spend a lot of time looking. Working on a felt jewelry pad helps, but it doesn't eliminate all the problems. Like dropping the end of a wire.

    I love your stonie beads. I have them in several colors and just love my recent pink ones. I wonder what they would look like in your matte blue maui?

  3. I love the colors of your beautiful necklace...very soft and calming. As for the bead dropping...that is so frustrating especially when you are almost done and you need that last bead. Ugghhhh! Otherwise my two youngest ones find them. Whatever they find on the floor they get to keep. I just make sure the special ones don't fall. I love those Stoney beads too. In fact, I think I need some of those ivory ones like in your necklace...they are so pretty. I think they would nice in Maui as Jean suggested too!

    1. Hey Liz I have to try and remember what I did LoL.
      I even wrote down everything I was doing in the last firing and by the time I did the firing It was a week later and didn't know what I did with some of them as they were all mixed up etc.
      Glazing beads is not my favorite thing to do! But I love the end result:o)

  4. Yes, definitely in the Maui blue!

    I get my youngest to pick them up too (beads that is), but he's not interested in keeping them :)