Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh my! we are finally getting lots of nice hot weather:)  I know for a lot of people it gets a bit to warm sometimes but I just love it!

Summer is such a busy time with FM markets and gardening and now our garlic is getting ready to be harvested, which is quite a process since we do not have any machinery to make this easier.

Ken( the invisable man ) was telling me last night that he planted almost 500 pounds of garlic last fall,  so there will be a lot of digging going on!  Not to mention all the other steps to get it to market!

So enough about me:)  I would like to share some pictures today of a talented artist from Germany.

Here name is Barbara and her shop is called Mermaidfairy
Love that name!
She makes some really Amazing  pieces!
So here are a few pics.

This piece is just amazing!  I think when she listed it, it sold right away!  What can I say but gorgeous!

This is another amazing piece, look at all the different goodies in this necklace!  Very creative!

Look at this one! Amazing!

Thank you Barb for sharing your amazing work with us!

If you would like to visit Barbara's shop here is the link

Love and Peace♥

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