Thursday, June 14, 2012

Market Morning!

Goodmorning everyone!  Hope you are all doing well out there!  I should be at the farmers market this morning setting up but they say it is going to rain by 11am and the market stay's open until 1pm now and without a tent that means I need to start packing up by 10am. I am sure  you all find this quite interesting Lol!

As I was saying in my earlier posts my dad had a knee replacement and is having some complications so I have been a bit distracted from my blog and beads lately and am just trying to figure out a way to get some answers from the doctors which is not happening.  It is a very frusterating time, but I am taking him to the specialist this morning hoping he will tell me what is going on.

Last week I could here Timber barking up a storm looking out at the backyard and I saw this hawk on the grass flying up to to tree next to our house so I grabbed the camera I tried to get a couple of pics

Of course he landed on the tree and wouldn't look at me:)

And then he had the nerve to fly away!  I bet he sees a mouse!

We also had a couple of bears running throught the other day and then decided to hid in our grass field.  Actually it was a cub first and than an hour later moma bear was looking for him
I hope they left as you can't see them with the grass being so high.

So something pottery related!
Here are a couple of necklaces I made

 This is a dragon gargoyle pendant I made and made some components with steel and hammered the links and clasp.  I used a mixture of wooden beads my clay beads bone and metal beads and some gemstone beads.

 This cutie I made by accident as I had the small moon on my workbench and the pendant there also and decided to see what it would look like having the moon inside the pendant!
As you can see I have mother of pearl beads of course my own art beads:) lampwork beads lava beads and some different metal pieces.

Isn't it sweet!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Gorgeous! Love the color of the first pendant and the links. The moon inside the pendant is wonderful! Love the texture....looks like moon craters. You need to make some pendants like this....color and texture. And some of those swirled beads.

  2. Love your jewelry. Isn't it fun working with your own components?