Monday, March 19, 2012

What's New!

Well I had a pretty busy weekend around here.  Of course we had snow then we would have a nice day but still chilly in my opinion as I am always cold.
On Friday I decided to make homemade bevarian pretzels yumo!
Yes I make these from scratch and they are delicious!  They are the best just out of the oven with butter.
Oh I am getting hungry again.
Then on Saturday morning I looked out the window and 5 deer where just crusing down the road past our house.
This is about 6 am

I don't know how they can here me through the window but I think they noticed me all of a sudden even though I am 200 feet away in a house behind a window.

This time they are going past our driveway to our nieghbours place.
Usually they come up our driveway and eat what ever they walk by.
Now here is a cool pic my son took with my camera in the evening from our livingroom window.
This is Saturday evening!

Isn't this beautiful!
I called it fire in the sky on a cool winters eve.
You know it is not spring yet!

I did manage to make another necklace and will post it soon.
Have a great Monday!

Love and Peace♥

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  1. Ingrid, pleeeaaaassseee marry me. We will live at your house.