Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Bling!

Looks like it is going to be a Sunny Day!  but cool but that's okay sun is good!
This has been the strangest winter and beginning of spring snow sun snow cold snow sun Wierd!
Well I haven't accomplished very much this week as it is spring break and Dakota is home from school.
So anyways my son wanted to clean my truck as it was one of the sunny cool day's, so when I went to move it back I got in it and it smelt like B.O.  Has anyone ever watched the Seinfield episode where he gets his car detailed and in smells like b.o. and no one will steal it?  Well this is my truck now!
Turns out he used a well known product  on my dashboard truck and was rancid .
So the real kicker is the next morning we had an imporant doctors appointment at the hospital for Dakota and of course my truck won't start.  So Ken get's home after work and we finally get the beast started and I have to get it to my mechanic before it closes so I can get my truck running again.  I get there and I have to tell him my truck smells like b.o. but it is not from me and he looks at me wierd and tells the other mechanic ( I don't think he believed it wasn't me)
Next day I find out that the battery was being drained from my glovebox in my truck.  I guess when Dakota cleaned the dash he didn't realize it didn't close properly.  So I go to pick up my truck and I walk into the mechanics shop and no one is in there and it smells like farts or someones gross lunch and my mechanic guy comes out and I said oh it must be lunch time and he says pretty soon.  He proceeds to talk about my truck and all of a sudden he says what is that stink and I am going it is not me as he already thinks I stunk up my truck.  Anyways we start laughing as he says B.O. and other stuff and I am going it is not me honest! We both just cracked up and I left there laughing so much I was crying.
I hope he doesn't think it is me as we didn't know where the smell was from and this was worse than my truck it was like farts for sure.
My truck still smells like B.O. also!  And I am going back today to get more things fixed!

So moving on to jewelry now!
I have 2 gorgeous necklace to show you from 2 different artist's

First pictures are from Liz

Beautiful matching earrings!
If you would like to see more of her beautiful creations
here is her link

My second artist is Julie

Beautiful Honey Bee Necklace
If you would like to see more of Julie's beautiful creations
here is the link to her shop!

Love and Peace♥

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  1. Wow, Ingrid! That sounds like quite a day! lol. Thanks for showing my necklace. I love the detail of that pendant. Also, the colors of that bee are wonderful. The way Julie showcased it and her use of the metal circles is beautiful.