Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look what Came in the Mail!

Well I think it was January 24th I received a comment on my blog from Jean saying she sent me a gift!  Well of course that made me soooo excited!  So yesterday it finally arrived in the mail.  So here is a picture of what Jean sent me it is sooo Sweeet!

Their are 2 sides to this beautiful Christmas Ornament.
And the pictures are just so sweet!  I know it isn't Christmas but I am going to hang it somewhere in my house just so I can enjoy it!
Oh did I mention that she made this!

Thanks Jean you are such a sweetie!
I love it!
Thank you so much♥

Well I guess that is it for today!
Okay I am back!
I decided to show you a necklace I finished on the weekend

The pendant is called a sunrise jasper and the pink beads are African coral glass trade beads.  I remember when they came in the mail last year thinking what am I ever going to use these with? But I think they go with the pendant.
Then I used some recycled brass chain and beads and some wooden round beads with asian writing on them(I think that is what it is) and 2 of my round beads,  I had to try and squeeze in some pottery beads.
I had totally different plans for this but it ended up like this.

That's all for today!

Love and Peace♥


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  1. Ingrid, really nice necklace. Everything goes very well together. That pendant is beautiful.
    I'm glad you liked the ornament, I sent one to you and one to Marti Conrad. Just my way of saying thank you both for the friendship.