Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Snow Go Away!

Guess what another day with lots of Snow! and I think more to come to night but I hope I am wrong.
It is just about 3 pm and I still havn't had a shower yet yuk!
I really just wanted to head right down into the basement today as I really need to create!
All week I have been sick with something and spring is just around the corner  ( in my mind) and I really want to have some new cool things for shows and markets this summer. 
So I did end up making a funky teapot  and just a funky container with a lid that I will post a pic of when they are leather hard and after they are glazed just so you can see the process.  (unless I break them before I get them to the kiln or the glaze firing screws up.
I also made a necklace which I need to get a pic of and I will post maybe tomorrow.

Anyways here are a couple of pictures of some things I did make last week.  They are in the raw state and havn't been bisque fired yet but I am hoping maybe this week if I can get enough to load the kiln.

Also here is a pic of one of the 12 mugs I had to make for a coffee house in Kelowna called the Roasted Bean.  Just incase I have any local readers who go to Kelowna and want checkout a great place for coffee.
Okay shower time!

Love and Peace♥


  1. Wow, look at that pottery. I consider myself fortunate to have two of your coffee mugs with the sea turtles - 3 cups capacity. lol

    And, look at those heart bezels in that pile. Cool beans, Ingrid. (I don't know what that means.)

  2. Hey Ingrid looks like you have been a busy gal! Next time I am in B.C I am sure going to look you up and maybe we can have a cup of coffee! That sounds good right about I go for a cup of Joe!

    1. I would Love that! Have you ever been to the Okanagan?

  3. Very cool beans indeed! Love your works and awesome following your blog so's I can keep up on the haps of your works. Hope you're feeling better and that you have an awesome day!

  4. You have been busy. Getting excited for the market. I love those mugs! Next time I am in Kelowna I need to seek out that coffee shop.Will you have ones like the heart for sale?

  5. I have the one mug that is in the picture. But I think I might make a few more to have on hand. Everyone loves hearts♥ The Coffee shop in Kelowna also has mugs with Roasted Bead on them and these really cute one's I made with just a small tree. I wish I had and extra one of those they are really simple but so sweeet!
    I just love my babies:)